Reid Nuts and Bolts – Extensive Range of Socket Screws

Listed below is an outline of our range of Socket Screws.  This listing is not exhaustive, if you can’t see what you’re looking for, contact us and we’ll source it for you.



Metric BZ1 BZP Csk Socket ScrewsP Csk Socket Screws

Grade 10.9 Bright Zinc Plated

Size Range M4-M20

Lengths Available 12 mm – 70 mm




Metric S/C Socket Cap Screws

Grade 10.9 Self Colour

Size Range M3-M24

Lengths Available 8 mm- 300 mm



Self Colour Csk Socket Screws3

Metric S/C Csk Socket Screws

Grade 10.9 Self Colour

Size range M3-M20

Lengths Available 10 mm- 70 mm


Self Colour Socket Button Head Screws4Metric S/C Button HeadScrews

Grade 10.9 Self Colour

Size range M3-M12

Lengths Available 6 mm- 50 mm


SS-Csk-Socket-Screws7Metric S/S Csk Socket Screws

Size range M3-M12

Lengths Available 12 mm- 100 mm



                Metric S/S Socket Cap Screws

                Size range M3-M16

                Lengths Available 10 mm- 100 mm




Metric S/S Button Head Screws

Size Range M3-M12

Lengths Available 12 mm- 50 mm



          Metric Self Colour Socket Screws

          Various Sizes Available





Metric Stainless Steel Socket Screws

Various Sizes available