Mechanical Anchors

Mechanical anchors are used on a wide variety of projects for affixing objects to concrete block, brickwork or stone.

Our wide range includes  –

  • Throughbolts – BZP, Stainless Steel and GalvanisedBZP Trubolts7
  • Rawlbolts Rambolt Loose_rambo_IMG_CLP_GB_2
  • Ankerbolts – Hex head and CskHex thunderbolts
  • Hammer FixingsHammer Screws
  • Dynabolt Sleeve Anchors – BZP and Stainless SteelLok_lok_IMG_CLP_GB_1
  • Drop In Anchors – BZP and Stainless Steel Grip_griplip_IMG_CLP_GB_2


Here at Plant and Fixings, we are able to advise you on the correct fixing for your application and provide you with the necessary data sheets.

For your convenience we can provide direct to site deliveries on customer paperwork and full test certification.


Chemical Anchors

Chemical Anchors offer high performance and are used for the installation of resin studs and reinforcing bars.


We have an unrivaled  range suitable for  

  • signs
  • radiators and boilers
  • structural steel connections
  • hand rails
  • under water applications
  • fire escapes
  • balustrades
  • machinery
  • railings
  • safety barriers
  • motorway signs
  • concrete repair


Suitable for the following substrates –


  • Concrete
  • Solid Brick
  • Solid Block
  • Stone and Aerated Concreted.


We endeavour to make your life easier by providing –

Direct to site deliveries on customer paperwork

Full Test Certification Supplied

Exact Quantities of Product Available



Above is an overview of our range, please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

We stock a wide variety of product and are able to source other items.