Reid Nuts and Bolts – Extensive Range of Nuts

Take a look at our wide range of nuts, we stock everything from metric BZP to wing nuts .

We pride ourselves on our customer service and excellent product knowledge.

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BZP Hex Full Nuts Metric BZP Hex Full Nuts





Galv Hex Full NutsMetric Galv Hex Full Nuts




Brass Hex Full NutsMetric Brass Hex Full Nuts





Stainless-Steel-Hex-Full-Nuts           Metric Stainless Steel Hex Full Nuts




BZP Nyloc NutsMetric BZP Nyloc Nuts




Galv Nyloc NutsMetric Galvanised Nyloc Nuts




BZP Long Spring Channel NutsBZP Long Spring Channel Nuts





Shear NutsShear Nuts
Available to order




Dome Nuts BZPBZP Dome Nuts




Wedge Nuts Wedge Nuts




Wing Nuts Wing Nuts
Available in BZP and Stainless Steel





Meeting the needs of our ever growing customer base –  Structural Engineering, Oil Industries & Agricultural Farm Building markets.

We endeavour to make your life easier by providing direct to site deliveries on customer paperwork.  Where applicable Full Test Certification  is supplied.

Exact quantities of product  are available to order.